TH12 Upgrade Info
To maintain our strong clan war performance we would like people to follow the guidelines when upgrading to Townhall 12.
Previously we have asked that all bases be maxed out before upgrading, but due to the amount of resources needed for walls at TH11 we have the following exception.
The best way of upgrading for the benefit of our clan is to max out TH11 before upgrading to TH12, but sitting on full DE storages and watching it go to waste is not ideal either, so we would like players to max out all TH11 defences, max out lab upgrades (except Goblins, Earthquake, Haste and Skelly) and max out heroes. Walls will need to be a minimum of 200 at level 12 and 100 at level 11, then it will be ok to upgrade to TH12, but once upgraded the following must be adhered to in order to help our clan in wars.
  • Army camps upgraded to max
  • New TH12 defences and walls placed, but not upgraded beyond TH11 levels
  • Clan Castle upgraded
  • Research Lab upgraded
  • 300 walls upgraded to level 12

Can all current Townhall 12 players prioritize getting at least 300 walls upgraded to level 12 before upgrading any more defences. Upgrading defences is increasing our war weight, upgrading walls will be more beneficial.

The main reason for the walls being upgraded is to maximise our defensive strength without increasing our war weight.

 This game is still just a game that should be fun, and at the end of the day your upgrade path is your decision to make, but part of the gameplay is also working together as a team to win wars and CWL medals,to accomplish that we have a team of leaders that organise our attacks and overall strategy,  this is part of that strategy, it has worked well in the past and will continue to do so in the future.