War Instructions

War Instructions – (All the following rules can be overridden by the Co-Leaders in clan-chat or clan mail), 

Clash of Clans is TWO games, an offensive one where we attack for 3 stars, and a defensive one where we stop them getting 3 stars. Winning a war is equally about defending against 3 stars as it is about attacking for 3 stars. Please watch replays on how your base defended and adjust where any weaknesses are found.
Most likely every TH10 base and below will be 3 starred, you won’t stop that, but you can force their higher players to attack lower down, this gives them less attacks on our higher players and greatly aids the war effort.

OPT OUT of war if your spell factory or hero is upgrading, and also OPT OUT of war if you are unable to follow the attack timings on this page.

A clan-mail will be sent prior to war start, Unless stated in the clan-mail the following guidelines will also be in effect.

  1. TH10 and below must get both attacks in on the first night.
  2. TH11 must get both attacks done by midday  UK Time at the latest.
  3. Claim your first target and attack within 1 hr of staking your claim, put the time of claim in the notes so others can attack it if an hour has passed, if unsure of time in UK, ask Google or Siri.
  4. Any claimed bases not hit within the hour can be taken by someone else.
  5. Anybody can do 2 attacks on first night if they want.
  6. TH12 please do at least one attack by midday.
  7. Nobody will be left out of war due to poor/unlucky performance, but if you have a bad run please increase your practice challenges or opt out of war until you have time to do more practice challenges.

If you miss the attack timings then it makes things difficult for the rest of the clan and you will be left out of the next war.