24-7 Clash

Welcome to the Clash of Clans Clan Website for 24-7 Clash

We are a UK based back to back war clan, wars starting between 7pm & 9pm, but usually at 8pm.

We are looking for players who:

  •  Are 18+ and mature
  • Are war orientated and enjoy wars and teamwork
  • Are active and are online frequently (i.e. every couple of days)
  • You like being part of a team
  • Are loyal and friendly
  • Are war ready on time (i.e. online at 8pm)
  • Are willing to learn
  • Fill donation requests where they can

Our Rules

  • No bad language, aggression or insults to other members
  • Do not argue with the authority (co’s and leader)
  • Do not abuse the request button
  • Do not ask for promotions – they are earn’t and decided by leaders
  • Non-active members will be kicked – if you need a break please talk to the co’s

When requesting to join us please change the request text to ‘I have read the Rules’ if you don’t then you will be rejected straight-away.

Becoming an Elder
In our clan the elder rank has to be earnt and is not given out freely to anyone. It is the leaders
and co-leaders job to decide who deserves the rank and when to give it to someone.
Below are some of the things we look for in a person who wants to be an elder.

  • Has been a loyal member
  • Regularly opts in to war
  • Performs well and consistently in wars
  • Is a team player
  • Shows a knowledge of the game